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Submerging to the Exquisite Allures of the Santorini Volcano & Hot Springs

Mar 06th, 2020

There are times when words seem so inefficient to describe or depict a sensation. That is precisely what happens to everybody visiting Santorini. The alluring Cycladic island with the unique landscape that has literally risen from its ashes after multiple eruptions of the active volcano on the island is love at first sight for thousands of visitors every year.

Even if you only have a couple of days to take in the beauty of this Aegean pearl, do make sure you visit the Santorini volcano and the Santorini Hot Springs. Both are sights that will please not only your eyes but also the soul and body.

The mysterious side of Santorini

Besides the whitewashed houses with the characteristic cubic forms and the bougainvillea-filled balconies, the cobblestone streets, and the famous blue-domed chapels (Santorini blue domes) and churches that are scattered throughout the island, Santorini has another face as well that is almost eerie but definitely glorious.

The Santorini volcano has been active for nearly three millennials, though its activity has calmed down the past century or so! In fact, the popular attraction has given the island its current morphology and shape. Long before the last eruption, Santorini was actually quite larger and rounder than today.

The name that was referred to back then was Strogili, which means round or circular. Today, it comprises of five separate islands, including the volcanic islands of Nea Kammeni and Palaia Kammeni, the uninhabited Aspronisi island, and Therasia island, all of which make a marvelous sight across the Aegean Sea.

The Santorini volcano has also affected the formation of the beaches, most of which are covered in black sand and red, white, or black pebbles made of solidified lava! This gives the shores a lunar-like appearance, which is a stand-alone must-dee attraction. And, let us not forget the Santorini Caldera, which is yet another spellbinding outcome of the volcanic activity on the island.

The caldera covers a big part of Santorini and is home to picturesque settlements that are built on the cliffs, providing a staggering view and wild beauty.

Many Santorini volcano tours, if not all, include a stop at the caldera, enabling visitors to lay eyes on pristine landscapes and heart-stopping panoramas of the sea and the cloudless Mediterranean skies. Not to mention the idyllic Santorini sunset views you get from the top of the island as you walk from the port to the cliff top through the caldera.

They are pretty much the same vistas you get from Oia Santorini, which is considered to be the place offering the most ravishing views. No wonder many Santorini apartments and high-end Santorini honeymoon suites, including Thirea Suites, are in Oia.

The rejuvenating Hot Springs

Part of most Santorini volcano tours is also a visit to the Santorini Hot Springs. So, besides exploring the volcano, you can take a Santorini Hot Springs tour, step foot on the Palaia Kammeni island, or the Agios Nikolaos cove to dive into the health-promoting and relaxing waters of the sulfur-containing hot springs.

Note that getting a sulfur spa treatment anywhere in the world is quite expensive – here, it is free! And, don’t worry; the waters are just warm (around 35°C), not scorching hot! Alternatively, you could also have an equally therapeutic mud bath.

A boat tour to the Santorini Hot Springs usually departs from the old port of Fira or the port of Athinios and can be as personalized as you want it to be. It may involve a single-day exploration or include multiple destinations, such as Therasia island or the Nea Kammeni National Geological Park.

Ask us Anything – You deserve to live the dream

To enjoy an all-around experience, feel free to seek the assistance of the Thirea Suites receptionists. They will be happy to suggest a local guide or boatman that knows the area well to organize the perfect tour to the volcano, the hot springs, and other popular Santorini attractions for you. Or make recommendations to enable you to live your dream Santorini holidays.

Our dedicated services and firm focus on catering to the needs of our guests for unique and exclusive Santorini vacations have contributed to placing Thirea Suites on top of every delectable visitor’s list while also being one of the best rated Oia Santorini hotels consistently.

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